Horoscope Aquarius May 2021

Predictions Aquarius May 2021

Uranus, your Ruler, goes retrograde and the planetary power shifts ever more to the West. This is not the time for self-assertion, power struggles or being high-handed with others. Social grace and skill are becoming ever-more important. Though your health is good (especially after the 21st), your self-confidence and self-esteem are not what they should be. Conciliate and cooperate now. Rest and relax more before the 21st.
Many of the trends of last month are continuing now. The planetary power is overwhelmingly below the Horizon of your chart (in the bottom half) and Pluto, your Career Planet, continues to retrograde. Career issues are still developing behind the scenes. You can help them a little here and there, but you cannot (nor would it be advisable to) force issues now. Focus on the home, family and psychological issues. Focus on feeling good and harmonious where you are. Enjoy your everyday lifestyle. And if there are things there which detract from your joy, correct them. May is a great month for doing construction work in the home or for re-arranging furniture, or even for building a new home. Those of you who cannot physically build a home can build your dream home mentally.
Relations with family members – especially parents or parental figures – are stormy, but this is only for the short term. Their interests seem to overpower your personal interests. When the air clears, however, things will be back to normal.
Rest and relax more before the 21st. Health problems probably have their origin in relations with neighbours, siblings and parents. Emotional disharmony is probably at their root. Clear the emotional disharmony and chances are the health problem will clear up by itself. The fact that your energy levels are not up their normal standards also plays a role. Vitality returns after the 21st.
Finances are still excellent; not as active as they were last month, but good. The stage has been set for future financial growth; in the mean time deals and projects need time to germinate and develop. Investments and purchases need more research as your Money Planet, Neptune, is retrograde. For investors this is a good time to review your portfolio and separate the winners from the losers.

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