Horoscope Aquarius May 2019

Your 4th house, which became strong on April 19, is still strong until May 20. So the focus is on the home and family. A Solar Eclipse on the 10th also occurs in the 4th house reinforcing what we say here.
When the 4th house is strong we make progress by going backwards. We change the future by coming to terms with the past. Many problems in life have their origin in old memories. Though we have long forgotten them consciously, they are operating there on subconscious levels, impeding progress.
Often these old memories affect the health as well, so it is good to explore these things and clear them. When this happens, the future is changed. May is a month for these kinds of activities. The past is easily accessed. Those of you who are undergoing therapy will make progress this month. And even if you are not officially in therapy, the cosmic therapist is hard at work this month. Old memories will come up spontaneously for cleansing. Often we meet old flames from the past and get a chance to resolve old issues. Sometimes you don’t meet the exact person, but someone who is like that person. The effect is the same. You get to look at an old and perhaps painful situa­tion from your present state of knowledge and understand­ing, and thus you bring a whole new perspective on it. This is healing.
The Solar Eclipse of the 10th affects you strongly, so reduce your schedule that period. Actually you need to do this until the 20th but especially round the eclipse period. This eclipse will test love, your current relationship. Be more patient with the beloved that period as he or she is likely to be more temperamental. Family members are more tempera­mental as well. If there are flaws in the home, now is the time you find out about them and can remedy them.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 25th is more benign to you, but it won’t hurt to spend more quiet time at home during that period. This eclipse shows job changes, changes in the conditions of work or the workplace. If you employ others, there are dramas with employees. Neptune, your financial planet, is affected strongly by this eclipse, so you are making some dramatic financial changes, usually because of some upheaval or some unexpected kind of event. Your financial planning and strategy needs revision. There will be long-term changes in your health regime and diet too.
Friendships get tested. Often there are dramatic, life-changing events in the lives of friends.
Health still needs watching until the 20th. After that you will see great improvement.