Horoscope Aquarius March 2021

Prophecies Aquarius 2021

By 4th March, almost every planet will be below the Horizon of your chart. The one long-term planet left above the Horizon will be Pluto, which will retrograde on the 8th. Continue to focus on the home and on finding your point of emotional harmony. Nurture other people’s careers now and later on you will find your own enhanced. Feeling good now is more important than doing good. March is a month for giving and receiving emotional support.
Ninety to 100 per cent of the planets are in the Eastern sector, indicating your independence and ability to go it alone if need be. You are building now, but on a subjective rather than a career level.
Venus moves into your own Sign on the 4th, giving you personal beauty, grace and charm. You dress with a certain flair and style, and your aesthetic sense is truly original now. Those of you who are professional artists are doing some of your best work this March.
You are attracting the opposite sex, but your extreme wilfulness and need for freedom also repels them at the same time. Perhaps prospective lovers feel intimidated. Perhaps they feel that they can only admire you from afar but not get too close. You will have to take the initiative in these cases.
Your health is excellent all month, as is your self-esteem and confidence.
This is still a strong financial month in a strong financial year. Marrieds or those involved in serious relationships are getting generous support from their partner – either on an actual material level or an emotionally supportive level. Financial optimism is high and there is luck in speculations. Communication and media activities seem the most lucrative – either from a work or investment standpoint.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 13th shows a job change, a change in your health regime, or both. Short-term upheavals reveal hidden flaws which lead to corrective measures.
Sales and marketing activities are active this March, but try to wrap them up before the 27th. Before the 13th would be even better.
Relations with siblings are stormy. Major construction work seems to be going on in your neighbourhood, leading to all kinds of traffic jams and delays.

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