Horoscope Aquarius June 2021

Predictions Aquarius June 2021

Saturn’s move into Taurus on 10th June is a stressful but perhaps needed development for you. Though your health will be good, Saturn forces you to cut back on unnecessary activities and projects. You need to become more discerning as to where you will invest time and energy.
From the soul’s perspective, time, attention and energy are what money is to a businessperson or investor. These things are the tools with which we build our lives. Events are just the natural consequences of where we have invested our time, attention and energy. Saturn forces you take a businesslike attitude towards these things.
It also sets up a conflict between your urges towards freedom and your urges towards order and responsibility. For the past two years you have been following the urges towards personal freedom. Now you must balance this with responsibility. The message is clear: so long as you handle your duties you can be free. Total freedom is not on the cards for a while. Many of you will solve this dilemma in a creative way – by finding creative and experimental ways of handling your duties more easily and efficiently and thus liberating free time. This will give you the best of both worlds.
Saturn in Taurus is a 4th House (Family and Domestic) event. This reinforces the power in the lower half of your chart and the retrograde of your Career Planet right now. Continue to establish a stable home base. Sink roots and build foundations – both physical and emotional. Let career issues go for a while.
In spite of Saturn’s movements, this is very much a party month – especially until the 21st. Money comes through speculations, creative projects and through connections made at fun types of events. A financial conflict with a friend – or the financial difficulties of a friend – will pass by the 21st. The long-term prognosis for earnings is still wonderful.
Job-seekers find good fortune after the 15th. Employers do more hiring then. The pace at work also increases.
Love is playful and affectionate until the 21st. Intellectual and creative people allure you. Romantic opportunities are plentiful but you are just amusing yourself now, not ready for anything serious. After the 21st love becomes more tender and nurturing. Love is shown through service.

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