Horoscope Aquarius June 2019

Health is much improved this June. There is a great focus here and this helps. You are more into healthy living, healthy lifestyles and health regimes in general.
The financial changes you made last month (and perhaps are still making) are working out very well. The financial crisis or disturbance turns out to be a blessing in disguise, a gift from the most high. You will feel the prosperity early in the month, but the major things happen later – after the 27th. Jupiter starts to make beautiful aspects to your finan­cial planet then, and it will be a very prosperous period. You have the financial favour of your spouse, partner or current love and of friends and family. The financial intuition is excellent too, but needs more verification than usual.
The only complication now is the retrograde of Neptune beginning on the 7th. This could create some delays and glitches in earnings, but it won’t stop the prosperity. You need to strive to handle financial issues perfectly, and to make sure all the details are correct. Keep copies of all receipts and records of transactions. It might be a good idea to keep a log or diary of your conversations with people involved in your finances. Major changes need more study and homework. The important thing now is to attain mental clarity about your finances. Things are not as they seem.
Until the 21st, you are in a yearly personal pleasure peak – a fun period. Aquarians of the appropriate age are much more fertile than usual (and this has been the case since the beginning of the year). Love also seems good this period, playful and non-serious. You are enjoying your friends and the beloved more, scheduling more fun kinds of activities with them. For singles it indicates attraction to those who can show them a good time. Material wealth, mental or emotional compatibility are not as important as they were in past months. You gravitate to the ‘fun’ person. Singles find love in the usual places this period, at the clubs, the resorts and night spots. Children or children figures in your life play cupid during this period. Your love planet travels with Jupiter from the 19th to the 22nd and this brings important opportunities for love.
After the 21st, love is more serious, more touchy-feely and emotional. You and the current love are more ‘moody’ in love. When the moods are good, love is wonderful. When the mood is bad, love seems nightmarish. The problem is not with your relationship, but with your moods. Work to keep them positive.
Though your spiritual 12th house is not strong this month, this is still a very spiritual kind of period. Your spir­itual planet Saturn receives much positive stimulation. So there are spiritual breakthroughs happening especially later in the month. There are many supernatural kinds of experi­ences as well.