Horoscope Aquarius July 2021

Predictions Aquarius July 2021

Continue to let financial and career issues develop behind the scenes. This is a month for work and love. Focus on doing a great job and career advancement will follow quite naturally.
Your love life is active and important this month, but also more complicated. You’re backing away from friendships and group activities for a while and focusing more on one- to-one romance. Love is there but requires a delicate touch. Balance is vital now. Both you and your beloved are self- willed and uncompromising. Both you and your beloved want your own way. You seem far apart on issues. Your interests are divergent. You seem ready to go your separate ways. Only compromise will work. There will be periods of separation, periods of togetherness, periods where you get your way and periods where your lover gets his or her way. Not a honeymoon by any means – though there will be honeymoon periods. Try to build on common interests, tenuous though they may be.
Singles find romance at the workplace or at health facilities. Health professionals or co-workers are alluring. Bosses might feel a sudden affinity for a secretary or other employee. You love those who serve you best. Venus in Cancer after the 19th shows that old flames come into the picture once again and there is a need to recapture long-forgotten romantic high points. Love is nostalgic. The old days were wonderful and take on a new glow. After the 23rd love becomes more ‘here and now’. You are more interested in a real partnership than a serve and be served relationship.
Job-seekers and employers see good success this month. The pace at work is hectic but harmonious.
The clearing of emotional blockages and unresolved issues from the past will enhance your health. After the 23rd, avoid getting over-tired. What you think is a health problem is probably nothing more than fatigue.

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