Horoscope Aquarius July 2020

The Moon waxes from the 1st to the 5th and from the 20th to the 31st: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 6th to the 20th: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends. The Moon of the 20th occurs in Cancer, your 6th Solar House. Job and health issues are clarified as the Lunar cycle unfolds. The Moon of the 5th (a Lunar Eclipse) occurs in Capricorn, your 12th Solar House, giving you extra energy to achieve spiritual goals.
Basically a happy month, Aquarius. The major astrological headlines don’t affect you too strongly.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 5th and Jupiter’s move into your 6th House are both showing job changes. Positive ones. Many of you are in dead-end jobs. Many of you secretly hate what you do but stay on out of fear or because you don’t see anything better. You are under an illusion which the Eclipse will shatter. Now you will be forced to make the job changes that you secretly wanted all along. No more sweeping these problems under the carpet. Upheavals at work will force action on your part, one way or another. And though you seem to confront an ‘abyss’, know that ‘underneath are the everlasting arms’. New, better and more fulfilling (not to mention higher paying) work is to hand. Some of you really like your jobs. In these cases the Eclipse and Jupiter’s Sign change will make them even better.
Employers will experience shake-ups in their staff. This too should be viewed as positive. When the dust settles things will be better than before. Employers are probably adding employees now – and good ones, too.
Health is wonderful, but it won’t hurt to rest and relax more after the 22nd. Jupiter’s move into Cancer and the Lunar Eclipse are shaking up present health regimes and ideas. New health and fitness breakthroughs are on their way to you.
Love is status quo most of the month, but gets more active after the 22nd. After the 22nd a serious and committed relationship could happen. Many of you see that your beloved – though in many ways your opposite – is also your complement. He or she is strong where you are weak and vice versa. But opposite tendencies, if not understood, can create conflict – and this you need to avoid. You must love your partner because of the differences between you, not in spite of them. The problem in love is the same as it has been for many years – changing affections and unstable emotions.
Finances are strong, but Neptune, your Money Planet, is still retrograde. Earnings come, but after delay. There are almost no planets in the Earth element this month; this could make you spend too freely – more than is prudent. This is the main danger. Investments and major purchases need more than usual study and research.

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