Horoscope Aquarius July 2018

As mentioned, there is another solar eclipse (number three for the year) on the 1st this month. It is basically benign to you, but shakes up the world at large. This eclipse again shows job changes, employee turnover, changes in working conditions or of the workspace. Again it brings changes in your health regime and diet. These changes are ultimately good, but they can come about through some kind of ‘scare’. You are rather forced to make these changes. Keep in mind, though, that health is basically good all year. So these scares will remain just that – scares.
Health does become more delicate – but only temporarily – after the 23rd. Pay more attention to your heart (especially older Aquarians), and rest and relax more. A good night’s sleep – an afternoon nap when you feel tired – will cure most of what ails you. Keep energy levels high.
This month (from the 4th to the 23rd) pay more attention to your kidneys and hips. Regular hip massage will work wonders. (There are reflexes there to the kidneys, sexual organs and lower back.)
Love gets tested again by the solar eclipse. If there is dirty laundry in your relationship that hasn’t yet been dealt with, it will come out now. If you have already dealt with this dirty laundry, this eclipse should be mild. A love tap, no more.
This eclipse has an impact on Saturn, your spiritual planet. Thus there are changes coming in your spiritual practice, spiritual teachers, attitudes and approach. New revelations will reveal the need for these changes. During the eclipse period it might be good to pay more attention to your spine, knees, teeth, bones and overall skeletal alignment. I would wager that on a world level there will be an increase in these sorts of problems during this period.
For singles, love seems happy. Yes, there might be some upheaval caused by the eclipse, but when the dust settles your love life becomes normal again. Last month on the 21st your love planet entered your 6th house. It will be there until the 23rd of this month. This shows that the workplace is a venue for love. Job-seekers (who should be successful this month) are looking at the social aspects of a job as well as the usual things (pay, benefits, working conditions, etc.). These are the aspects for an office romance. Colleagues might also be playing cupid. If you are interested in attracting an Aquarius this period, do things for him or her – serve his or her interests. Show an interest in his or her health. After the 23rd, your love planet moves into its own sign and house – the 7th house. This initiates a yearly social peak. The 22nd, 23rd and 24th seem especially strong romantic days – whether you are attached or unattached. Love is still about having fun – but you are a bit more serious. You want to have fun with people who are ‘marriage material’. You are interested in more long-term love.
After the 23rd the planetary power makes an important shift to the upper half of your horoscope. Dawn is breaking in your year. Time to get up, get out there and pursue your outer goals. Family is important, of course, but you serve them by being successful at what you do. This shift will get stronger in coming months.

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