Horoscope Aquarius January 2021

Predictions Aquarius 2021

The outer world is rapidly losing much of its allure for you, Aquarius. It’s as if you are finishing an outer-orientated, career cycle and are now ready to find emotional harmony and establish a stable home base. By the time the month is over, 70 to 80 per cent of the planets will be in the lower sector of your chart. Feeling good is just as important as being successful. Being an intellectual by nature, getting in touch with your real feelings for a while will balance you out. Your tendency is to get too caught up in ideas.
Ninety to 100 per cent of the planets are in the Eastern sector of your chart, continuing a trend from last year. Always wilful and assertive, you are even more so now. Your ability to create conditions and circumstances as you like was never stronger than now. Knowing you, the urge will be to build not only a better world for yourself but for all people.
With 90 per cent of the planets moving forward you are in a period of progress, change and achievement. Events in your life are moving forward. Change is happening rapidly, but more so after the 20th than before.
Two Houses of your Horoscope are important this January: the 12th (Spirituality and Idealism) and the 1st (Body, Image and Sensual Fulfilment). These are the areas of your life you will spend most of your time and energies on.
The power in your 12th House indicates a need to review the past year, re-evaluate your progress and see where you want go from here. With so much creative power at your disposal this is a good idea. When you’re driving a rocket ship you don’t want to take a wrong turn. More introspection until the 20th will not hurt you.
The power in your 1st House indicates a need to give the body its due. Think of the body as you would a pet stallion.
In its true nature it is Pegasus, with mighty powers that no one can yet comprehend. Just as you wouldn’t abuse, starve or deny your pet horse its needs, so too you must give the body what it needs. Keep it fit, feed it properly, praise and love it, and allow it to fulfil its sensual urges in season. You are the rider and trainer of your horse.

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