Horoscope Aquarius January 2020

The Moon waxes from the 1st to the 9th and from the 24th to the 31st: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 9th to the 24th: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends.

The Moon of the 24th occurs in Aquarius, your 1st Solar House. Issues involving the body, fitness, personal appearance, sensual pleasure will get clarified this month. The Moon of the 9th (a Lunar Eclipse) occurs in Cancer, your 6th Solar House, bringing on long- term changes at the job or in your health regime.

Though health is going to get much better in the next few months, right now you need to rest and relax more and reduce your schedule where possible. After January 20th is less stressful than before. Take a loose and relaxed attitude to life. There is much good coming to you and you want to be in a position to enjoy it.

Most of the planets are in the eastern sector this month, and your 1st House is a major House of Power. Thus you are more independent and self-reliant. You get your way – though you should avoid power struggles.

Begin now, in a relaxed and calm way, to create conditions as you want them to be. Don’t waste time in power struggles – though it is tempting. Focus on what you want to create. There is a lot of planetary forward momentum helping you out.

There is an important planetary shift from, the upper to the lower half of the Horoscope after the 20th. This shows a shift in focus from outward concerns to more personal concerns – from outward achievement to inner achievement. Of course you won’t be able to ignore your career completely, but you can de-emphasize it and shift your focus.

The most important areas of life this period will be: spirituality and charitable activities; introspection; the body, the image, personal pleasure and the appearance.
Your paths of greatest fulfilment this month are: health and work; children, creativity, entertainment and amusement; finance.

The Grand Trine in Air – a rare phenomenon on the 15th and 16th is a very happy, and productive period for you. Your mind is sharper than ever before. You feel light and airy.

Your always strong communication abilities get even stronger. Great for teaching, writing, sales or marketing. It will also be an excellent financial period and you can expect windfalls and opportunities.

Even without the Grand Trine, finances are good. They will get better after the 20th; There is luck in speculations, enhanced intuition and sound investment judgement. Money comes easily, effortlessly and harmoniously. This is happy money: Creative people earn from their creative projects.

Love is also fabulous this month and it pursues you. You just need to show up – to be there. Love is, of course, stormy – not a smooth ride – but this has been the case for a number of years. Romance finds you after the 20th: Marriage is not advisable.

The Lunar Eclipse of January 9th is basically kind to you. It shows a job change and perhaps a change in your health regime or of doctors.

Best days of January for Love for Aquarius:

January 5 and from January 18 to January 25.

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