Horoscope Aquarius February 2021

Predictions Aquarius 2021

The trends that you have experienced for the past year or so are continuing now. With 90 to 100 per cent of the planets in your Eastern sector – all moving forward – you are creating your own universe and making great progress. The changes in the world and in the people around you are all working in your favour. You are uncompromising, perhaps radically so, and getting your way. There is great personal freedom now. People are adapting to you. The Cosmos gives you what you want in lavish abundance.
The planets are shifting to the lower half of your chart, indicating your need to feel good rather than to look good to the outside world. You are marching to the sound of your own drummer and are not concerned with what society or superiors think.
The social connections you make now are free and noncommittal. They are friendships of the mind – friendships with people of similar intellectual interests – not necessarily hot romances. With your personal magnetism and social
charisma very strong, you are attracting the opposite sex, but they must give in to your interests and whims. How long they are willing to do so is a moot point. Right now love is your way or no way. In love you seem bent on a crusade to change your partner’s or lover’s established thought patterns and concepts. Shocking your partner is as much fun in romance as the other, physical parts. Eroticism is very experimental now. Love becomes more possessive after the 20th.
With many planets in the Air element your mind is sharp and clear. Your ability to communicate is very much enhanced and you are inspired and eloquent. Those of you who are writers, teachers and salespeople, get cracking – February is a banner month.
Jupiter makes a major move into your Money House on the 4th, ushering in a year of fabulous earnings and financial growth. Much of this will come about through the new and important friendships and connections you are making. Your social contacts – both romantic and platonic – are all creating wealth and opportunity now. A business partnership is brewing and it looks very good. There is good luck in speculations and in speculative investments – especially after the 20th. Let intuition be your guide.

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