Horoscope Aquarius December 2021

Predictions Aquarius December 2021

With the forward momentum of the planets intensifying day by day, and with all kinds of harmonious aspects to you, this is one of the best months of your year. There is progress on almost every front. Many changes are happening, but they are harmonious. Many planets in your 11th House until the 22nd indicates a month that plays to your natural strengths and loves – much dealing with friends, groups, organizations, humanitarian issues, networking and the manifestation of your fondest hopes and wishes. You are tasting paradise this month – enjoy it but don’t get stuck in it. New and better paradises will come.
Love is friendly and non-committed. Both you and your partner are giving each other a lot of space. Singles find love opportunities in groups and through friends. Casual friendships have the potential to develop into something more. Your ideals in love are high. Intellectual communion with the beloved is very important. You want someone who shares your ideas of freedom and ideas for a better world. You want a friend more than a partner right now.
You career is advancing nicely this month as your Career Planet gets positive stimulation. Educational opportunities which enhance your career are coming your way. Family members are supportive of your career goals. A pay rise, promotion or greater public recognition is likely. Perhaps you win an honour or award.
Finances continue to be strong, though they Will be stronger after the 22nd than before. Perhaps you are overspending before the 22nd. Perhaps having so many friends is expensive this time of year! But this discomfiture is short lived. Your earning power is basically untouched. You are in the enviable position where doing what you most want to do is also the most profitable thing to do. Your financial moves mystify other people, perhaps even excite their wrath or derision – but they cannot argue with success, and your moves are successful.
A foreign journey this month is happy and successful. Sales and marketing projects go well, but hold them off until after the 11th. You hear good news from foreign lands. Those dealing with colleges and universities also hear good news.
Your health is excellent all month. Enjoy!

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