Horoscope Aquarius December 2019

On October 23 the planetary power began to move to the East. Now the shift is growing stronger. You are in a period of personal independence and this will become even stronger in the coming months. The cosmos aims for a balanced develop­ment. Sometimes self-reliance and personal initiative is important. Sometimes we need to put the interests of others ahead of our own. Neither position is absolutely correct all the time. We cannot act on behalf of others unless we are strong and self-reliant. This is a time to exercise your personal power and create the life that you want to live. It seems selfish – you mind your own business and take care of number one. But when number one is satisfied, you will be more effective for others. It is a matter of emphasis.
Last month on the 22nd, your 11th house became power­ful, and it is still powerful until the 21st. This is Aquarian heaven. You get to do all the things you most love to do and that you are good at doing. This spells a successful month.
The 11th house is about friendship, groups and group activities. It is a social kind of month, but not the social that we associate with the 7th house of love. This house is about friendships of the mind; the 7th house is about friendships of the heart. The 11th house is about uncommitted kinds of relationships. Everyone is free. No one is beholden to any­one. You get together with people of similar interests and mind sets, you enjoy each other’s company, network, and go home to your normal activities. The connections are mental, not emotional.
With your love planet Venus in the 11th house until the 21st, these friendships of the mind have the potential to go further. Perhaps a relationship starts that way but ends up being much more. Groups and group activities are the venue for romance until the 21st. Review our discussion of this last month.
The 11th house is associated with technology, another Aquarian strength. This is a good month to expand your knowledge in this area. The speed of change is breathtaking these days and there’s always more to learn.
This has been a year of spiritual progress for you, and after the 21st there is more in store. This is a spiritual period, and spiritual-type activities – meditation, prayer, charity work – all prosper this period. Even love comes to you as you pursue your spiritual path, in spiritual venues and with spiritual people. However, love is a bit tense this period. Be more patient with the current love.