Horoscope Aquarius August 2021

Predictions Aquarius August 2021

A very wild and tumultuous month. You must deal with many contradictions. Increased retrograde movement suggests caution and inactivity. But two powerful eclipses push you to make radical changes and seem to force your hand. So you are forced to act when you would prefer not to, or against your better judgement.
This is not as bad as it sounds. Though your basic strategy now should be one of biding your time and allowing opportunities to reveal themselves, act when it is absolutely necessary to. Future events will not come upon you suddenly, without warning, but will signal themselves before they happen, allowing you time to think your actions through.
Definitely rest and relax more all month, but especially from the 6th to the 9th and from the 20th to the 23rd – the periods of the eclipses. Eclipse periods are not times for doing arduous, stressful things that require you to be up to par. They are not times for taking long journeys, trying to break athletic records or undergoing delicate surgery or dental work. If the surgery is elective, schedule it for another time.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th affects you on a very personal level – the body and personal image. If there has been some health problem lurking beneath the surface it will reveal itself now so that you can take action. If there have been dietary impurities or other impurities in your physical body they will also tend to reveal themselves now. Those of you already in good health will find that you want to make
major changes in the way you dress or in your image. Plastic surgery is being contemplated now. Your personality gets re-defined, either by you or by others. Some of you will change doctors, health plans or fitness regimes now.
The Solar Eclipse has a powerful effect on your love life, marriage or current love relationship. A crisis will reveal hidden flaws lurking beneath the surface. A relationship can break up or move to a new, deeper level. You are forced to make a decision one way or the other. You cannot leave things as they are. Healthy relationships will also change, as hidden flaws or dissatisfactions come to the surface to be corrected. The unsteady, unhealthy relationships are, however, doomed now.

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