Horoscope Aquarius April 2021

Predictions Aquarius April 2021

With 80 to 90 per cent of the planets in forward motion, and with the two retrograde planets not prominent, this is very much a month of progress, achievement and forward momentum in your life, Aquarius. Go forward boldly; you have a lot of help and support.
The planetary power is still overwhelmingly below the Horizon of your chart, indicating a need to put your career on the back burner for a while and to focus on home and family issues. The retrograde of your Career Planet, Pluto, further reinforces this need. Career developments need time to germinate.
The areas of most active interest this month are the physical body and its pleasures, your personal appearance and image, finances, intellectual interests, sales, marketing, promotion, neighbours and siblings.
Though your career seems inactive, your financial life is very happy. The two most powerful benefices of the Zodiac are ‘holding a meeting’ in your Money House this month. It’s one thing to make money, quite another to enjoy doing so and still another to catch the lucky breaks.
Earning money is a snap. It’s almost as if it happens by itself. You just happen to be in the right place at the right time. A hunch guides you to profits or to the right customer. A dream reveals a beautiful investment. Substantial financial windfalls come to you now. You earn big and you spend big. There is great financial generosity and charitable giving as well. Investors find their portfolios are suddenly worth more. Junk in your attic turns out be valuable or collectible. Your friends are like money in the bank as well. You buy beautiful things which make you happy and which increase in value.
Along with this there is a lot of scurrying and hurrying about in your neighbourhood. Much running to and fro. A lot of local errands to run and dealings with the media and with siblings. There is much domestic travel this period. Relations with siblings and neighbours can be stormy for a time, but after the 13th ease up.
Personal restlessness can lead to another move after the 13th. In some cases it can lead to a renovation – and some heavy construction work – in the home. Finding a stable home base seems diametrically opposed to your feelings of freedom and personal restlessness. ‘Why should I invest in this home or construction when I’ll probably move very shortly?’, you think. True, you may move again, but in the mean time you need to feel comfortable.
Rest and relax more after the 20th.

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