Horoscope Aquarius April 2019

There are a lot of career changes going on of late. This has been the case since the beginning of the year and the change intensifies this April. There is more ahead too. There is not much that can be done right now. Your career planet goes retrograde on the 12th and most of the planets are still below the horizon of the chart and entering their maximum lowest position. Keep the focus on the home, family and the emotional life. Get the home base in order. If career issues displease you, make the corrections inwardly, in your thoughts and feelings, rather than by overt actions. The important thing now is to attain more mental clarity about your career situation, about the situation in your company or industry. Things are not as you imagine them to be. Get more facts.
A Lunar Eclipse on the 25th reinforces what we say above. There is much career change going on, possibly even job changes.
You also seem in conflict with a parent or parent figure these days. It could signal a break with this person. However, with more work and effort (a lot more work) this can be harmonized. But without effort, nothing much will happen. You, parents and parent figures need to drive more carefully this month and avoid confrontations or dangerous situations.
Love is tempestuous on the 1st and 2nd, so be more patient with the beloved. The beloved needs to avoid risky activities that period.
Your 3rd house of communication and intellectual inter­ests became powerful last month and is still powerful until the 19th. Your normally sharp mental faculties are even sharper these days. Information and learning are easily assimilated – a good period for students, for taking courses in subjects that interest you and for teaching others too. The only danger now is mental overload – the mind is so power­ful that it easily gets over-stimulated and you can’t turn it off. This often causes insomnia or other nervous kinds of problems. Use the mind, but turn it off when not in use. Meditation is a big help for this.
Health needs more watching from the 19th onwards. This is not a long-term problem. It’s just not one of your better health periods this year. So rest and relax more. Pace your­self. Spend more time at the health spa and get more massages. Enhance the health in the ways mentioned in the yearly report.
The love trends are the way we discussed last month until the 19th. After then, emotional intimacy becomes more important. The need is to share real feelings, not just intel­lectual concepts: the person with whom you are emotional comfortable with is the most alluring. You need to feel safe expressing your true feelings to the beloved, no matter how crazy they seem. Love is still close to home. Family members enjoy playing cupid and there is more entertaining from home.