Horoscope April 2020

Astrology April 2020

April will be a unique and very energetic month. Why? Very important planets will be aligned: the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, even Venus —which will be added as from day 22. A very rare astral conjunction, hardly ever seen in the sky, announcing extreme vitality, brightness and fortune. How will all this be translated into our lives and into each sign? How will all this affect us? Like a true hurricane of mysteries. But there is no doubt that many things will happen and change.

Joy, creativity and good fortune will be back again… but so will aggressiveness and conflicts. With such energy boost on their side, people will be able to do anything they put their minds into. But not all is good news: such heap of planetary energy can make us not to consider the consequences of our actions. So, make the best use of this month but always remember to take other people into account and open your mind… Construction and not destruction, that is the key.

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