Goat 2019

Couple and Affective Bonds

Horse influence has a good effect upon Goats; brings creativity and sensuality to the couple’s word and helps them both to conquer the bond and secure it. Some of these people who are involved in painful relationships will finally be able to end them and to take up a road of love, thus gaining peace and happiness. It will also be a propitious year for those Goats wanting to have children.
They will count on the appreciation and the protection of influential persons who will get them contacts and resources that will make their lives both more pleasant and easier. Some people regarded as friends will envy the light Goats will acquire this year. So they must try not to get angry and let feelings flow naturally.


The year 2019 has major professional and personal advances in store for this sign. The social environment will open new opportunities for moving in places that are related to their vocation. Although there will be no money for these tasks at first, resulting experiences will be very useful to develop skills and get in touch with influential people that will help them improve their economic situation. Careful observation before joining a project, activity or team, will enable a smooth integration with neither problems nor suspicions; in no time Goats will receive protection and be able to advance.


In spite of their fragile and soft looks, Goats enjoy uncommon physical integrity. They want to feel ok and be ok, and are not fond of complaining. This sign’s illnesses are usually mild and temporary; ailments are mainly of the stomach or the respiratory system, but Goats are not very prone to severe health problems. They should do without tasty and heavily seasoned foods. People born under this sign may worry excessively and in silence about banalities; this attitude drains their energy, so they need to get more sleep than the other signs. Being a strong believer, Goat people will recover fast through faith and prayer. For this sign, vulnerable parts are the chest, pancreas, liver, stomach, and breasts.

Quality of Life

There are good perspectives for the emotional and spiritual growth of Goats. Strengthening their identity will be important, so as to avoid going the wrong way. In this heavily social year, they will have to be aware of who’s who and respect the established roles. A good time schedule and organization of the physical environment will give them time for a refreshing sleep. Getting up early and engaging in regular physical activity —such as outdoor walks— will help Goats build up their will and enjoy more vitality. Salt lamps and singing bowls are a must in the home. And nuts and berries are necessary for their nervous system.