Goat 2016

The Year of the Monkey starts on 8 February 2016 and will be a variable one for the Goat. He could find events happening quickly and disturbing the stability he likes so much. However, while the Goat may not find this the most comfortable of years, by showing a willingness to adapt he can still emerge from it with some impressive gains to his credit.
In view of the changes many Goats will have seen in their work in the preceding year, they will often be keen to remain in their present role, feeling comfortable with their present duties. However, while the Goat may desire a settled time, the Monkey year is one for change. Some Goats could find new schemes are introduced which alter what they do or, as colleagues move on, they could be offered greater responsibilities. Few Goats will find themselves with the same duties or in the same position by the year’s end.
However, while some of the changes may not have been what the Goat envisaged, or wanted, there will be a positive aspect to what takes place. The changes will not only help the Goat to widen his experience but also enable him to discover strengths he may not have been aware of, and these in turn could open up important possibilities for the future.
For Goats who are looking for work or keen to change their position, the year will again bring some interesting developments. Although some posts for which these Goats feel ideally suited may remain out of reach, many will be successful in securing a position which will enable them to develop their skills in other ways. Although such a change could initially seem daunting, it could set their career off on an interesting new path. Again, the message for the Goat is to remain adaptable and do his best in the situations in which he finds himself, even if, at first sight, they are not always ideal. For work developments, the months from April to June and September to November are especially favourable.
Financially, the Goat will see an improvement in 2016. Not only will he enjoy a rise in income but he could also receive money from another source. This could be through a gift, the fruition of a policy or even by being able to supplement his income in some way, but money-wise this will be a generally positive year. However, the Goat should not allow any upturn to lull him into a false sense of security. To prevent problems he does need to manage his money well, setting amounts aside for specific requirements and controlling his expenditure.
Also, he should be wary of taking risks or entering into agreements without checking all that is involved. The Monkey year can cause problems for the unwary. Goats, do take note.
As far as the Goat’s relations with others are concerned, this will be a generally favourable year. The Goat’s home life will be particularly busy, with some notable family developments. These could include a wedding or birth in the family as well as other good reasons for a family celebration, possibly marking the Goat’s own progress as well as the achievements of those close to him.
The Goat will also value the encouragement he is given and will gain a great deal by talking to those close to him about his ideas, activities and any concerns.
He will also enjoy some of the practical domestic activities that take place, including projects to enhance his home or garden. However, in view of the busy nature of the year, if he does find himself with a great deal to do or household chores beginning to mount up, he should not hesitate to ask for additional help. Generally, though, this will be an agreeable year domestically, with the Goat valuing the love and affection shown him and enjoying many of the family occasions that take place, including any holidays or breaks.
Being sociable and outgoing, the Goat also sets much store by his social life and this too is favourably aspected. In addition to meeting up with friends, the Goat will often be tempted out to various social events. He could also find his interests leading him to meet fellow enthusiasts and forge some new friendships. On a social level, he will find himself in demand and generally enjoying himself.
Any Goats who may be lonely, perhaps after moving to a new area or suffering some recent personal difficulty, will find that by going out and getting involved in activities, they can enjoy a major upturn in their social life and in some cases forge an important new friendship. The onus to make this happen rests with the Goat, but by taking action, he can certainly find the Monkey year bringing some happiness and meaning back into his life. For socializing, April, June, August and December could see much activity.
Although this will be a busy year for the Goat and, work-wise, bring its changes, by adapting to the situations that arise, asking for help if under pressure (particularly with household activities) and balancing out his activities, he will be pleased with how he fares. And his efforts will be rewarded both this year and in the Rooster year that follows.

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