Gemini Woman Scorpio Man

Many find the Scorpio’s sting a fate worse than death. The Gemini woman quite often is no exception. When his anger breaks loose, you had better clear out of the vicinity. The average Scorpio man may strike the Gemini woman as being a brute. He’ll stick pins into the balloons of your plans and dreams if they don’t line up with what he thinks is right. If you do anything to irritate him—just anything—you’ll wish you hadn’t. He’ll give you a sounding out that would make you pack your bags and vow never to go back.

The Scorpio man hates being tied down to home life—and so do you to a certain extent. Instead of wrestling with pots and pans, you’d rather be out and about, devoting plenty of time to your many interests. The Scorpio man would rather be out on the battlefield of life, belting away at whatever he feels is a just and worthy cause, instead of staying home nestled in a comfortable armchair with the evening paper. If you’re a Gemini with a strong homemaking streak, don’t keep those home fires burning too brightly too long; you may run out of firewood.

As passionate as he is in business and politics, the Scorpio man has plenty of pep and ginger stored away for lovemaking. Most women are easily attracted to him. The Gemini woman is no exception—at least before she is really aware of what she might be getting into. Those who allow a Scorpio to sweep them off their feet soon find that they’re dealing with a pepperpot of seething excitement. The Scorpio man is passionate with a capital P, you can be sure of that.
But even while he is providing so much pleasure to his lover, he can deliver a knockout emotional blow. He can wound on a deep level, and you may not know if he really means it. Scorpio is blunt and can be as cutting as a razor blade. An insult can whiz out even more quickly than a compliment.

If you’re a Gemini who can keep a stiff upper lip, take it on the chin, turn a deaf ear because you feel you are still under his love spell in spite of everything—lots of luck. If you have decided to take the bitter with the sweet, prepare yourself for a lot of ups and downs. Chances are you won’t have as much time for your own affairs and interests as you’d like. The Scorpio’s love of power may cause you to be at his constant beck and call. Scorpios like fathering large families, but they seldom give youngsters the attention they need.