Gemini Woman Gemini Man

The Gemini man and the Gemini woman are a couple who understand each other. They are so much alike. Both are intelligent, witty, outgoing, and versatile. The Gemini man could easily turn out to be your better half. One thing that causes a Twin’s mind and affection to wander is a bore, and it’s highly unlikely that an active Gemini woman would ever allow herself to be accused of that.

The Gemini man who has caught your heart will admire you for your ideas and intellect—perhaps even more than for your good cooking and flawless talent for homemaking. The Gemini woman needn’t feel that once she’s made her marriage vows she’ll have to put her interests and ambition in storage. The Gemini man will admire you for your zeal and liveliness. He’s the kind of guy who won’t pout and scowl if you let him shift for himself in the kitchen once in a while. In fact, he’ll enjoy the challenge of wrestling with pots and pans for a change. Chances are, too, that he might turn out to be a better cook than you—that is, if he isn’t already.

The man born under the sign of the Twins is very active. There aren’t many women who have enough pep to keep up with him. But this doesn’t set a problem for the spry Gemini woman. You are both dreamers, planners, and idealists. The strong Gemini woman can easily fill the role of rudder for her Gemini man’s ship-without-a-sail. If you happen to be a cultivated Gemini, he won’t mind it too much. The intelligent Twin is often aware of his shortcomings. He doesn’t resent it if someone with better bearings gives him a shove in the right direction. The average Gemini does not have serious ego hang-ups and will gracefully accept a well-deserved chewing out from his mate.

When you and your Gemini man team up, you’ll probably always have a houseful of people to entertain—interesting people, too. Geminis find it hard to tolerate sluggish minds. Gemini men are always attractive to the opposite sex. You’ll perhaps have to allow him an occasional harmless flirt. It will seldom amount to more than that if you’re his proper mate. It will help keep his spirits up. A Twin out of sorts, as you well know, is capable of brewing up a whirlwind of trouble. Better tolerate his flirting— within eyeshot, of course—than lose your cool.
As far as children go, you are both pushovers. One of you will have to learn to fill the role of house disciplinarian, otherwise chaos will reign.