Gemini Woman Cancer Man

Chances are you won’t hit it off too well with the man born under Cancer, but then Cupid has been known to do some pretty unlikely things. Cancer is a very sensitive man, thin-skinned and occasionally moody. You’ve got to keep on your toes, and not step on his if you’re determined to make a go of the relationship.
The Cancer man may be lacking in many of the qualities you seek in a man, but when it comes to being faithful and being a good provider, he’s hard to beat.

It is the perceptive Gemini woman who will not mistake the Crab’s quietness for sullenness or his thriftiness for penny-pinching. In some respects he can be like the wise old owl out on a limb; he may look like he’s dozing but actually he hasn’t missed a thing. Moon Children often possess a well of knowledge about human behavior; they can deliver very helpful advice to those in trouble or in need. Cancer certainly can keep you from making unwise investments in time and especially money. He may not say much, but he’s always got his wits about him.
The Crab may not be the match or catch for many a Gemini woman. In fact, he may seem dull to on-the-move Gemini. True to his sign, he can be cranky and crabby when handled the wrong way. He is perhaps more sensitive than he should be.

Geminis are usually as smart as a whip. If you’re clever you will never, in any way, convey the idea that you consider your Cancer a little short on brain power. Browbeating is a surefire way of sending the Crab angrily scurrying back to his shell. It’s possible all of that lost ground may never be recovered.
The Crab is most comfortable at home. Once settled in for the night or for the weekend, wild horses couldn’t drag him away unless those wild horses were dispatched by his mother. The Crab is sometimes a Mama’s boy. If his mate does not put her foot down, he will see to it that his mother comes first whenever possible. No self-respecting Gemini would ever allow herself to play second fiddle to her mother-in-law. If she’s a tactful Gemini, she may find that slipping into number-one position can be as easy as pie (that legendary apple pie his mother used to make).

If you take enough time to pamper your Cancer man with good cooking and comfort, you’ll find that “Mother” turns up less and less—at the front door as well as in conversations. Cancers make protective, proud, and patient fathers, but they may resent a youngster’s bid for freedom.