Gemini Woman Aries Man

The man born under the sign of Aries is often attracted to the Gemini woman. In you he can find that mixture of intellect and charm that is so often difficult to find in a woman. Like you, he has many interests and is always seeking one adventure after another. He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge of all kinds.

He can do with a woman like you—someone attractive, quickwitted, and intelligent. He’ll admire you for your independence. He’s not interested in a clinging vine. He wants someone who is there when he needs her; someone who listens and understands what he says; someone who can give advice if he should ever happen to ask for it, which is not likely to be often.

The Aries man wants a woman who is a good companion and a good sport. He is looking for a woman who will look good on his arm without hanging on it too heavily. He is looking for a woman who has both feet on the ground and yet is mysterious and enticing, a modern Helen of Troy whose face or fine speech can launch a thousand business deals, if need be. That woman he is in search of sounds a little like you. If the shoe fits, put it on. You won’t be sorry.

The Aries man makes a good husband. He is faithful and attentive. He is an affectionate man. He’ll make you feel needed and loved. Love is a serious matter for Aries. He does not believe in flirting or playing the field—especially after he’s found the woman of his dreams. He’ll expect you to be as constant in your affection as he is in his. Try to curb your bent for harmless flirting if you have your heart set on an Aries. He’ll expect you to be a hundred percent his; he won’t put up with any nonsense while romancing you.

The Aries man may be progressive and modern about many things, but when it comes to pants wearing, he’s downright conventional: it’s strictly male attire. The best role you can take in the relationship is a supporting one. He’s the boss and that’s that. If you can accept it, you’ll find the going easy.

The Aries man, with his endless energy and drive, likes to relax in comfort at the end of the day. The Gemini woman who is a good homemaker can be sure of his undying affection. If you see to it that everything in the house is where he expects to find it, you’ll have no difficulty keeping the relationship on an even keel.

Aries is generally a good provider. He’ll see to it that you never want. Although he is interested in security, he’s a man who is not afraid to take risks. Often his gambling pays off.
Aries fathers, while affectionate and playful, sometimes have trouble seeing things through the eyes of a child. Your innate understanding of youth will always come in handy.