Gemini: Social Relationships

Gemini is usually easy to get along with. He likes people and knows how to make them like him. He seldom has serious enemies; he’s too friendly for that. Because of his lighthearted ways many people are drawn to him. He is generally sincere in his friendships and expects that sincerity to be reciprocated. A sensitive person, he never forgets or forgives an offense.
The Twins like to be in a crowd—a friendly crowd.

They seldom like to be alone for long stretches. They like their friends to be as active and as enthusiastic as they are. Social involvement is important to them. They are apt to throw a party at the drop of a hat. The Gemini man or woman enjoys making others feel good. They are excellent hosts and try to anticipate their guests’ needs. Gemini could never be called inhospitable.

Their friends are apt be very different from each other. Gemini gets along well with all types of people. Their social needs may seem contradictory to someone who does not understand the Gemini nature. The cultivated person born under this sign knows how to keep apart those friends who are not likely to get along. He’ll avoid social conflict among his friends at all costs.

Meeting new people is important to the man or woman born under the third sign of the Zodiac. He thrives on social activities. He likes exchanging views and ideas.
Gemini does not demand that his friends be his intellectual equal. He can be content discussing trivial matters as well as profound ones. He likes people he can relax with.

Friends may like Gemini but find him hard to understand. The Twins seem to have so many different personas at the same time. They are difficult to pin down.

People are always inviting Geminis to parties; any social affair would seem incomplete without them. Their charm and liveliness are contagious. People enjoy being around them. They can be loose-tongued at social gatherings, and sometimes divulge information about themselves or others that they shouldn’t. They can be severe, too, in their criticisms. A Gemini’s sharp tongue has cut many a social tie.