Gemini: Occupation

Geminis are ambitious; they have plenty of drive. They like to keep busy. Most of them do well in jobs that give them a chance to make full use of their intellects. They like to use their minds more than their hands. They are good talkers, generally, and do well in positions where they have to deal directly with the public. They are clever with words and are persuasive in their arguments. Also, they know how to make people feel at ease by making use of their sense of humor. A well-placed joke can work wonders when dealing with the public.

The Twins know how to turn a disadvantage to advantage. They know how to bargain. They are seldom made fools of when it comes to trading. Some of them make excellent salespeople and it is little wonder. Because they can juggle words so well and they have a deep interest in facts, they often become capable journalists. Some of them make good theater or film critics. Writing is one of their chief talents. They generally do well in the arts.

Anything to do with negotiating or bargaining is something in which Gemini is apt to excel. They know how to phrase things, to put them in a favorable light. The Twins fit in almost anywhere in business or profession. One also finds Geminis in such professions as dentistry, medicine, law, engineering. They excel at logic and reasoning. Some of them have a head for mathematics and make good accountants.

When working with others, they will do what is necessary to make the project successful. However, they do like to go their own way. They do not like someone looking over their shoulder constantly, advising them how something should be done. They like to move around; nothing pleases them more than a job where they are free to come and go as they please. They generally find it difficult to sit at a desk for long stretches at a time. Geminis like movement for its own sake. They are not particularly interested in destinations. It’s getting there that absorbs their interest.

They are generally not contented being busy with just one thing. They are apt to try to hold down two jobs at the same time just to be active. Their hobbies are varied; some they manage to develop into side occupations. They abhor dull routine and are creative in their approach to a familiar scheme. They will do what they can to make their work interesting. If they are placed in the wrong position— that is, a position that does not coincide with their interests—they can be grumpy and difficult to get along with.

They like to be attached to a modern, progressive concern that provides a chance to learn new technology. They dislike job situations that are old-fashioned and tiresome.
Geminis aren’t money-hungry, generally, but somehow or other they always manage to find jobs that are well-paying. They are not willing to work for nothing. They value their own skills and know how much they are worth.
Money interests the Gemini man or woman because it represents security. The uncultivated Gemini, however, spends his earnings carelessly. He doesn’t run out of money, but he mismanages what he has. When he has learned how to economize, he does quite well. He’s always looking for a way to better his financial situation. Some Geminis are job hoppers; they are never satisfied with the position they have and they go from one job to another looking for their “proper niche,” they think. It is the Gemini who knows how to make the best out of a job situation he already has who wins the day. Job hopping never seems to stop, and in the end the job hopper has nothing to show for all the changing.
People born under this sign usually know how to win the sympathy of influential people. The Twins are often helped, advised, and encouraged by people who hold important positions. People find it easy to believe in Gemini.
The Gemini man or woman is generous with what he has; he does not mind sharing. He can be expansive and doesn’t mind paying for others if he can afford it. Once in a while, he may do something unwise with his finances, but, all in all, he manages to keep his financial head above water.