Gemini: Love and Marriage

Gemini longs for affection and understanding. He doesn’t always find it, though. Although he’s honest in his search, Gemini is apt to be too critical. Once he’s won someone, he finds fault with them. The cultivated Gemini learns to take the bitter with the sweet. He realizes that no one is perfect, and he accepts the love of his life for what she is.

It is quite possible for Gemini to have many love relationships before he ever thinks of settling down with one person. He may not be an intense lover. He loves being affectionate, however. Flattery can turn his head.
Gemini does not like to feel that he is tied down. He likes someone who will give him the freedom he needs. He doesn’t like to feel imprisoned by love. He is often attracted to someone who is as independent in spirit as he is. He likes a witty and intelligent companion, someone who can discuss things rationally.

It is sometimes difficult for the natural Gemini to give himself to any one person. He does not like being limited in his affections. He flirts just for the pleasure of flirting. He enjoys attention and at times will go to great lengths to get it. He likes variety in romance. The same love diet is apt to bore him after a while.

In spite of his changeability, the intelligent Gemini can settle down to one partner, once he puts his mind to it. The person who wins a Gemini is usually gifted and clever, someone adaptable who knows how to change with his moods. Gemini is not difficult to get along with. He is pleasant and gentle, for the most part. He likes people who are responsive to his moods. If he really loves someone, he sees to it that his demands are not too unreasonable. He’s willing to make compromises.
Even after he’s married, the average Gemini is given to flirting, but it’s nothing for his mate to be concerned about. He’ll keep it at a harmless level. He will not risk a love relationship that contains the benefits he appreciates.
Marriage for Gemini is a relationship that should be lively and exciting. He’s not the kind of person who accepts a humdrum home life. He wants a family that is as active as he is.