Gemini: Home and Family

Gemini is adaptable. He is willing to do without if it is necessary. But if he can have his own way, he likes to be surrounded by comfortable and harmonious things. Home is important to him. He likes a house that radiates beauty and calm.
He likes to invite people to his home; he likes entertaining. It is important to Gemini that people feel at home while visiting him. Because he is such a ready host, his house is often full of people—of all description. Although he may be at a loss how he should handle some household matters, he always seems to manage in one way or another. His home is likely to be modern—equipped with the latest conveniences and appliances. He is often amused by gadgets.

Although his home may be important to him, he also likes to pick up and go somewhere whenever the mood strikes. He doesn’t like the feeling of being tied down. Home is where he hangs his hat, he likes to think. A Gemini is apt to change his address more than once in his lifetime. This may or may not upset family ties to a certain extent. Still, if they understand him, they will give in to his plans. No one is more difficult to live with than a dissatisfied Gemini. Still, more than likely Gemini has his family conditioned to his moods and there is enough understanding to make life together possible. The cultivated Gemini learns to stay put and make the most of the home he has.

The Gemini man or woman is a great fixer. He likes to make minor repairs, changing appliances, painting, wallpapering, and so on. He will do many things to make improvements on his home. Sometimes he will go ahead and make changes without consulting those he lives with, which can cause discord.

Outsiders may not think of Gemini as the ideal parent or family man. In fact, they may be open in their criticism. Gemini might resent this strongly because he feels it just isn’t true. Children may get on the Gemini man or woman’s nerves now and again. They like the kids to be expressive and creative. But the Twins do enjoy moments of peace and quiet. Generally, they know how to get along well with their children. This may be because they do have a youthful streak themselves. They understand the ups and downs of childhood, the trials and tribulations of growing up—also the joys. They may scold once in a while, but children who know them will never pay too much attention to them. The Gemini parent is generally a pushover for the willful child.

Gemini children are usually filled with restless, nervous energy. It comes from their minds, which are like delicately tuned electronic instruments. Mercury, Gemini’s planet, is the planet of mind and communication, which bestows the ability to think, speak, write, and observe. So these young sons and daughters of Mercury cannot keep still, mentally or physically. They must be constantly engaged in something that interests them.

Young Gemini is an exceptionally bright child. He or she learns almost instantaneously and has an alert, inquiring mind that demands to know the reason behind anything that catches his or her attention. Parents and teachers of Geminis may find this an exhausting business, mainly because these lovable imps lose interest more quickly than most children. When that happens, and no one is around, their capacity for mischief is unbelievable.

Gemini children are sometimes difficult to manage. They usually don’t like to be hampered by parental guidance. They like to be allowed to do as they please when they please. They often show signs of artistic ability at a very early age. The perceptive parent knows how to encourage them and to help them develop the characteristics that will help them later on in life.