Gemini: Health

Gemini usually is an active person. He has plenty of energy stored up. Still, he has to be careful at times because he is apt to strain himself emotionally. He gets too wound up and finds it difficult to relax. Troubles, small and large, can turn him into a high-strung person, if he doesn’t look out for himself. Weak points of his body are his lungs, arms, and nervous system. During the winter months, some Twins develop one cold after another. Sore throats are sometimes a common Gemini complaint.

On the whole, however, Gemini has a pretty good constitution. He’s healthy, but he has to learn how to take care of his health. People often think of Gemini as being weak and sickly, but this isn’t so. His physique is often thin and wiry.

He may not look like he can endure too much pressure, but his powers for endurance are amazing. He is not delicate, by any stretch of the imagination.

Although the Twins may be bothered by one minor ailment or another, they seldom contract serious illnesses—if they take proper care of themselves.

The wise Gemini acknowledges his limits and never tries to exceed them. He will never take on more work than he can comfortably handle. It is important that the Gemini man or woman learns how to relax. Sleep is also an important ingredient for good health.

Some Twins feel they have to be constantly on the go; it is as if they were on a treadmill. Of course, they can only keep it up for a short while, then they have to pay the consequences.

The Gemini man or woman is often gifted with handsome looks. Others find them winsome and attractive. Their faces are very lively and expressive, their smiles charming. Most of them tend to be on the slim side. They may seem restless or fidgety from time to time.