Gemini: Character Analysis

People born under this third sign of the Zodiac are generally known for their versatility, their duality. Quite often they are able to manage several things at the same time. Some of them have two or more sides to their personalities. At one moment they can be happy and fun-loving, the next they can be sullen and morose. For the outsider, this sudden change may be difficult to understand or appreciate. The Gemini man or woman is interested in all sorts of things and in different ways. Many of the subjects that attract them seem contrary and dissimilar. To Gemini, they’re not.

Tie person born under the sign of the Twins has a mercurial nature. He can fly into a rage one moment, then be absolutely lovable the next. Chances are he won’t remember what all the fuss was about after a few moments have passed.
The Gemini man or woman is spiritual in nature. Intellectual challenges whet his appetite. He’s a sensitive person. His mind is active, alert. He could even be described as idea-hungry, always on the lookout for new concepts, new ways of doing things. He is always moving along with the times.

On the whole, Gemini is very energetic. However, he is apt to bite off more than he can chew at times. He may begin a dozen different projects at once—and never finish any. It’s often the doing—starting something—that he finds interesting. As soon as something becomes too familiar or humdrum, he may drop it like a hot coal and begin something else. The cultivated Gemini, however, does not have this problem. He has learned by experience that constancy pays off. He knows how to limit his interests—no matter how great the temptation may be to take on more—and how to finish the work that he has begun. It’s a hard lesson for the natural Gemini to learn, but it can be done.

In school, the Twins are quite popular and often at the top of their class. They learn quickly, and when they apply themselves, they can make good use of their powers of concentration. Many do well in languages. They are clever conversationalists; they can keep an audience entranced for hours.

Still and all, the depth of their knowledge may be slight. They know how to phrase things well, and this gives the impression of deep learning. They read things too quickly at times and often miss important points. Sometimes they will insist that something is right when in fact it isn’t.

Generally, Gemini has a good sense of humor. He knows how to appreciate a good joke, which is apt to make him popular. He seldom fails to see the humorous side of life. In fact, he may irritate others by not acknowledging the serious side of a situation when it is necessary.

All in all, Gemini is open-minded. He is tolerant of others no matter what their views are. He can get along well with various types of people. He’s a great mixer. He never has much trouble understanding another’s viewpoint. It is held that the Gemini person is one who prefers to work with concrete things.

To him, facts are more important than fantasy. He’s practical—or at least attempts to be. He can be quite goal-directed; there is always a reason for what he does. An ambitious person, on the whole, he is never short on projects; there is always something that he has to get done. He could be described as restless; he doesn’t like sitting still for long periods of time. He’s got to be on the go.