The twelve signs are divided into two groups, masculine and feminine. Six signs are masculine, and six signs are feminine.
This is known as the sign’s duality. In astrological terms, a masculine sign is direct and energetic; a feminine sign is receptive and magnetic.
These masculine and feminine attributes were given to the signs about 2,000 years ago. Today modern astrologers try to avoid the sexism implicit in these distinctions. A masculine sign does not mean positive and forceful any more than a feminine sign means negative and weak.
In modern terminology, the masculine signs are defined as outer-directed and strong through action. The feminine signs are self-contained and strong through inner reserves.
ARIES Masculine
GEMINI Masculine
LEO Masculine
LIBRA Masculine
AQUARIUS Masculine
TAURUS Feminine
CANCER Feminine
VIRGO Feminine
SCORPIO Feminine
PISCES Feminine