Dragon 2019

Couple and Affective Bonds

After a rough year, the Dragon will look for relationships devoid of frenzy and audacity for this cycle. 2019 will be a year for learning to enjoy being a couple in everyday life. Between the people born under this sign, there will be many marriages and children being conceived. Dragons will connect with the “here and now” of their own emotions.
Frantic social life will be appeased. They will instead prefer to be more selective as regards their circle of friends and outings. Dragons will prefer home life to travels and nights out, not quite the usual thing; but during this period, the longing for calm and harmony with their environment will prevail.


Even though Dragons never stop dreaming and undertaking projects, during this period they will rather focus on enjoying the fruits of their achievements and passing on their knowledge.
Unlike the usual, no big financial risks will be taken on this time. But Dragons will complete and perfect initiatives that are already underway; these will give rewards that are not only material but emotional as well. They will receive tempting proposals to take on high hierarchy positions but, for the first time, they will stop to think and choose, with no pressure and a practical approach.


Although its outer look exudes physical and energetic strength, this sign has an intense emotional and sensitive world that may expose it to somatize negative feelings. Melancholy states, food habit disorders, and respiratory problems will affect Dragons as result of immaturely-managed emotions. Their large appetites embrace both food and affection. Dragons dote on mystical experiences. Their internal world is highly prolific, and it needs to be expressed in artistic and creative ways.

Quality of Life

This year 2019 has a quiet time in store for this sign, the most addicted to the adrenalin of adventurous urges. They will be able to make good use of it so as to share more time with the family and cultivate their spiritual traits. A very good time to engage in postponed household activities such as getting rid of outdated objects, getting organizers for better location of things, and enjoying a home with a fresher and calmer Qi. It will also be a good time to dedicate to sports and physical disciplines that will put them in shape, bring discipline and channel their fiery energy in a healthy way.