Dragon 2016

As the Monkey year starts, though, the Dragon should spend some time reflecting on his present situation and the way in which he would like to move forward. Both in his work and his own personal development this is a time when he should look to take on new challenges and he will find that deciding on some objectives for the next 12 months will help give him more direction. In his deliberations the Dragon would find it helpful to discuss his thoughts with others. This will not only lead to him receiving useful advice but also give him some interesting suggestions to consider.
As far as work is concerned, many Dragons will find their standing and knowledge will lead to promotion or a transfer to more interesting and remunerative duties in their present organization. However, for those who feel their prospects could be improved by moving elsewhere or who are seeking work, the Monkey year can produce some excellent opportunities. When an interesting opening does appear, the Dragon should be quick to act. Events will move swiftly in 2016 and so must he. Even if not all his applications go his way, the Dragon should persist.
The Monkey year does move in curious ways and some rejections, despite the hurt they may cause, can turn out to be blessings in disguise as something better appears in their wake. For work opportunities, April, May and the period from late August to October are particularly favourable.
However, while the Dragon can make good progress, a warning does need to be sounded. When everything seems to be going well, there can be a danger of the Dragon becoming over-complacent, taking an unnecessary risk or being less than thorough with a certain matter. Should he let this happen, he could find that others will be quick to notice any lapse. In 2016 he does need to remain on his mettle and maintain his standards.
The Dragon will gain a great deal by furthering his skills over the year and should take advantage of any training opportunities. Keeping his skills up to date will not only increase his efficiency and output but also help his prospects. And if the Dragon has a particular position or vocation in mind for the future, even if it is very different from what he is doing now, any study or work he can do to keep his aspiration alive will be of value.
Over the year the Dragon will derive much pleasure from his personal interests, often being tempted to take up a new activity in his spare time.
This can relate to general fitness – perhaps a suitable course or exercise programme – or an absorbing project he has set himself. By giving himself something worthwhile to do, the Dragon will find his recreational pursuits will be another rewarding aspect of the year.
The Dragon does, though, need to be careful in his financial undertakings. Over the year many Dragons will decide to spend quite heavily on their accommodation, particularly in replacing equipment and furnishings and adding new comforts to their home. Although the Dragon will be pleased with the improvements, large purchases do need to be budgeted for. And in view of the often heavy outlay, the Dragon does need to be controlled in his spending and avoid taking unnecessary risks.
The Dragon’s personal life does, though, hold much promise and will bring him many rewarding times. He will see much activity in his home life and while those in his household will often be involved with their various commitments, the Dragon will value their support, interest and encouragement. In turn, by giving time to those who are important and showing he cares, the Dragon will find his domestic life going well. While some pressures or problems will inevitably arise over the year, by being willing to address any difficulties – and compromise in certain cases – the Dragon will find they can be quickly dealt with and will certainly not interfere with the more agreeable aspects of the year.
The Dragon’s social life will also bring him much pleasure. In addition to building up new contacts in his work, he will find himself making some new friends as the year progresses, either as a result of his work, his interests or his contacts. On a social level, he will be in good form and will enjoy the many social opportunities the year will bring.
The year 2016 is also wonderfully aspected for romance, with many unattached Dragons meeting someone who will quickly become special. However in the early days of any romance, the Dragon should take the time to get to know and understand the other person. Sometimes his exuberant personality can get the better of him and without some consideration, there is the danger that an otherwise promising romance could sour. The Dragon should watch this. However, this warning apart, he will find his relations with others will mean much to him over the year. The months of April, May, September and December will be especially active for social matters.
Overall, the Monkey year holds good prospects for the Dragon and by making the most of his many strengths and the opportunities that arise, he will find this a pleasing and satisfying year.

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