Dog 2019

Couple and Affective Bonds

The year of the Horse will bring some setbacks for the couple; these will be mainly due to communication interferences. Understanding the transience and the real essence of the situations will be needed so as to work them out calmly and dialogistically. Reconciliations will be more intense than disagreements.
Some confusing events might change the calm way of a friendship. Before drawing conclusions and making decisions, both parties must let time go by and take some distance to evaluate the reasons. The desire to help others will make Dogs join new social participation teams, which will be a gratifying experience.


Business and money projects will not go forward without effort; nevertheless, this one will be a year to get ready for a very auspicious future. Patience and optimism must prevail. Setbacks arising in the labor area will work as training and nourishment for creativity. Just as Dogs thought they could not possibly have a stroke of luck, they will receive rewards for their effort and resolve. Those born under this sign must keep focused in their strategies and look ahead; though not feeling it yet, they are indeed progressing toward prosperity. This is not the time to fight but to go with the flow.


Dogs possess physical strength, but are psychologically unstable and somewhat fragile spiritually. Their pessimism and lack of faith show themselves as hypochondria and disorders such as paranoia and obsession. Body’s vulnerable areas include kidneys, hips and vertebrae, the reproductive system, and the skin. Dog people are subject to be overwhelmed by the pressure of the situations, so they get tired easily. But when they look ready to give up, a hidden (even to themselves) and surprising force makes its way from within. Dogs are much braver and energetic than they themselves think they are.

Quality of Life

This sign will need to strengthen their spiritual and health energy management practices so as to overcome any kind of physical, mental or emotional ailment, without unnecessary delays. The experiences that will make them evolve will comprise challenges demanding that new social and self-analysis skills be learned. Dogs must try to make of their home a cheerful place; that will convey a feeling of security. Open air walks, self-knowledge books, aromatic plants, less salt, and more fruits will make the perfect combination for their well-being.