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The Year of the Monkey starts on 8 February and will be a rewarding one for the Dog. In his work he will be able to build on his more recent achievements and make good progress, while on a personal level, the Monkey year promises a busy and often exciting time.
As the Monkey year starts, the Dog should regard it as a time of opportunity. He does, after all, have much experience behind him and many hold him in high regard, and he should make the most of this. The onus to progress does rest with him and, as the year starts, he should resolve to make more of himself and his position.
Many Dogs will be able to successfully draw on the knowledge and contacts they have in their current work and will be ideal candidates for promotion. Accordingly, whenever openings occur, the Dog should put himself forward. Sometimes some of the vacancies that arise will be in areas different from what he is used to, but by indicating his interest, he will often be successful.
Some Dogs may, though, feel there are better prospects elsewhere. Over the year these Dogs, together with those seeking work, should widen the scope of positions they are prepared to consider. Once they do secure a post, they will often find their new duties a welcome contrast to their previous work and this will give them an added incentive to do well. For work opportunities, April to July is a well- aspected period, but this is very much a year when the Dog should seize the initiative and look to advance.
In addition, the Monkey year will provide the Dog with some excellent learning opportunities. Sometimes he can cover for absent colleagues and learn additional skills, or take advantage of training courses. By making the most of such opportunities, he can make his work more satisfying and enhance his prospects as well.
However, while there will be good opportunities for the Dog over the year, his commitment will often mean that he will work long hours and he should be careful this does not make too many incursions into other areas of his life. In the Monkey year he must ensure he has a balanced lifestyle.
To help with this, the Dog should make sure his interests and recreational pursuits are not squeezed out through lack of time or other commitments. Ideally, he should set a regular time aside for activities he enjoys and which help him relax and unwind. Also, he should make sure he looks after himself, taking regular exercise as well as eating a balanced diet. To make the most of himself and the fine opportunities the year will bring, he does need to keep in good form.
Over the year accommodation matters could also keep the Dog busy. He will often be keen to carry out improvements as well as buy comforts for his home. However, such projects do need careful planning and time to carry out. The Dog should keep his zealous nature in check and tackle household projects one at a time rather than start too many all at once.
There will also be quite a few Dogs who decide to move in 2016 and again this will involve considerable time and effort. Any Dog who does have the intention of moving would do well to prepare early with any sorting and packing he can do in advance helping to reduce the tasks that need to be done later. Moving will certainly bring its pressures, but once settled in his new home, the Dog will feel satisfied with what he has achieved.
The Dog will also be helped in much of what he does by the support of others and domestically this will be a fine year. Everyone in the Dog’s household can gain from being open, giving advice and assisting each other with projects and interests. Also, by setting time aside for activities everyone can enjoy, including meals, trips out or other treats, the Dog will find his home life especially rewarding. In addition, many Dogs will have excellent cause for celebration – perhaps a wedding, a birth in the family, a house- warming, the Dog’s own success or that of a close relation. The Monkey year certainly has a celebratory feel to it!
Although the Dog will have much to do over the year, he should also make sure his social life is not neglected, as it is an important aspect of his life.
He will benefit from meeting up with friends and going to social events that appeal to him. Any Dogs who would like more companionship will find that by going out and meeting others, perhaps at a local or special interest group, they can soon build up some strong friendships. Again, the Monkey year is supportive of the Dog, but it does require him to take the initiative. For meeting others and socializing, the period from April to June and December are especially favourable times.
Another positively aspected area is finance and the Dog will not only see a rise in income over the year but could also enjoy some strokes of luck. However, to benefit, he should plan his purchases as well as make provision for forthcoming expenses, especially if he intends to move. The one thing he should avoid is squandering any additional money as he soon as he receives it rather than considering how it can best be used.
Overall, the Monkey year holds fine prospects for the Dog, but it does call on him to take action and to make the most of himself and the often very favourable opportunities.

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