Capricorn Woman Pisces Man

Pisces could be the man you’ve looked for high and low and thought never existed. He’s terribly sensitive and terribly romantic. Still, he has a very strong individual character and is well aware that the moon is not made of green cheese. He’ll be very considerate of your every wish and will do his best to see to it that your relationship is a happy one.
The Pisces man is great for showering the object of his affection with all kinds of little gifts and tokens of his love.
He’s just the right mixture of dreamer and realist; he’s capable of pleasing most women. When it comes to earning bread and butter, the strong Pisces will do all right in the world. Quite often they are capable of rising to the very top. Some do extremely well as writers or psychiatrists.
He’ll be as patient and understanding with you as you undoubtedly will be with him. One thing a Pisces man dislikes is pettiness. Anyone who delights in running another into the ground is almost immediately crossed off his list of possible mates. If you have any small grievances with your friends, don’t tell him. He couldn’t care less and will think less of you if you do.
If you fall in love with a weak kind of Pisces, don’t give up your job at the office before you get married. Better hang onto it until a good time after the honeymoon; you may still need it. A Pisces man can be content almost any where. This is perhaps because he is quite inner-directed and places little value on material things. In a shack or a palace, the Pisces man is capable of making the best of all possible adjustments. He won’t kick up a fuss if the roof leaks and if the fence is in sad need of repair.
At this point, you’ll most likely feel like giving him a piece of your mind. Still and all, the Pisces man is not shiftless or aimless. It is important to understand that material gain is never a direct goal for someone born under this sign.
Pisces men have a way with the sick and troubled. He can listen to one hard-luck story after another without seeming to tire. He often knows what’s bothering someone before that someone knows it himself.
As a lover, he’ll be quite attentive. You’ll never have cause to doubt his intentions or sincerity. Everything will be aboveboard in his romantic dealings with you.
The Pisces father, always permissive and understanding, is immensely popular with children. He plays the double role of confidant and playmate for the kids. It will never enter his mind to discpline a child, no matter how spoiled or incorrigible that youngster becomes.