Capricorn Social Relationships

The Capricorn personality projected onto the social scene is marked by reserve and dignity. At first it may appear that these men and women are hanging back, waiting to be drawn into the thick of things. Capricorns may seem unapproachable and cold to someone newly introduced. But the one who does win a Goat’s friendship is rewarded by kindness, loyalty, and fidelity.
Capricorns have many acquaintances but true few friends. Among strangers the Goat may feel scrutinized and judged, so there is a tendency to wait in the wings, to hide from imagined harsh criticism. The fear of criticism also gives rise to a tendency to be secretive. Capricorns are unwilling to broadcast their intentions, except to the chosen few.
Capricorn men and women seldom, if ever, gossip or talk behind someone’s back. Friends can always count on them to guard a confidence. Even though the Goat is wary of revealing his or her own secrets, the secrets of other people are kept under wraps.
Capricorn sometimes picks the wrong people as companions. In youth and early adulthood the Goat may be tempted to run with a bad crowd, and unfortunately is likely to gain a bad reputation because of it. The troublemakers and freeloaders take advantage and often blame the innocent Goat. Such disappointments and betrayals are all too common. But Capricorns learn from their mistakes. For that reason, as they mature they become more cautious and discriminating in their choice of friends.
Capricorn men and women are prominent in the life of their community. They play an active role in neighborhood groups and civic organizations. Where there is a club or association formed to promote the general good, you will find a Capricorn and often in a leadership position.
To true friends, Capricorn is a pillar of strength, a rock. He or she is capable of making great sacrifices in order to help a friend. That is why solid friendships last a lifetime and provide much support and comfort all around.