Capricorn occupation

The Capricorn man or woman is very much interested in being successful in life. They will work hard to win at whatever it is they do. Reputation means a lot to them. They will fight to advance and to hold their position. They like a job that carries a bit of prestige with it. Having people respect them is very important. Capricorn enjoys being in a position of authority.
Money, of course, has a great attraction for the man or woman born under the sign of the Goat. When accepting a job, salary usually plays an important part. They would not take a job just for the glory or prestige alone. It has to have its financial advantages.
There are Capricorns who believe that the only way to win is to stick to something that is regular, or routine. They don’t mind plodding along if they are sure that they will get that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Still and all, the strong Capricorn, while seeing the advantages of routine work, will never become a robot or slave to a humdrum work schedule. Capricorn men and women try to move along with the times. They keep abreast of new developments in the field, applying new techniques to their work wherever they see fit.
Hard work does not frighten Capricorn. They are willing to put in long and hard hours, if they feel the benefits they are to receive are indeed worth their efforts. They are usually conscientious and loyal in their work. Many of them start at the bottom and slowly work their way up.
There are seldom any complaints about Capricorn’s work. These men and women are very good at what they do. They are determined, methodical, thorough. They have a fine grasp of details while keeping sight of the big idea. They are supremely focused and fixed in their purpose—to do an excellent job/Any employer of Capricorn men and women are usually satisfied with their job performance because they are accurate and professional.
Although they are interested in being successful, some Capricorns tend to become a bit depressed if it seems to take them longer than it does for other people. But Capricorns are willing to bide their time. They hold no rosy view of the future. They know that they will really have to apply themselves to their tasks in order to attain their goals.
It is the idea of winning that keeps Capricorn on the go. They never falter once they have made up their mind to get ahead in the world. Some of them never attain what they’re after until very late in life. But they are not afraid of pushing ahead, making small gains here and there, as long as they seem to be on the right road.
Once on the road to any fame or fortune, the success-oriented Capricorn man or woman is sure to steer steadily ahead. He or she will let no one stand in the way. At times, Capricorn can be quite brutal and heartless in their methods for getting to the top. So the climb to the summit can be agonizing indeed—at least for the person who the Goat is pushing out of the way.
Needless to say, the pushy sort of Goat has no trouble becoming unpopular with teammates and associates. Obsessed with success, he or she is always on the lookout for an opportunity to get ahead. If necessary, they will step on another’s toes in order to make a gain, no matter how small it is.
Politics is an area where someone born under the sign of the Goat usually excels. Capricorn has a diplomatic way and a tactful demeanor. They are interested in justice and being fair. Some Capricorns make good researchers. They are not afraid to put in long hours when involved in investigation. They are reliable and steady. In a position that gives them a chance to organize or arrange things, they could do very well.
Authoritarian positions hold a particular attraction for Capricorn men and women. They enjoy the challenge of this sort of position, also the respect it generally commands. Having people under their control sometimes makes them respect themselves more. It makes them more sure of their own worth. In crafts and sciences, they often do well, too.
Money is important to the Capricorn man and woman. They’ll work hard to build up their financial resources. If they wind up rich, it’s not because of luck, generally, but because they have earned it. Capricorn is an open opportunist, and will not try to disguise this. He or she is no hypocrite. They are direct in actions, even if they do not talk about them.
Of all the signs, Capricorn is the most interested in gain and profit. Security is something the Goat must have. It drives them on; it motivates them. During difficult moments, they may feel a bit discouraged or depressed. Still, there is that interest in the ultimate goal that keeps Capricorn going.
Capricorn individuals are generally thrifty. They believe in saving. Waste disgusts them. For the most part they are quite conservative in the way they handle their finances. Although they may be given to moods in which they feel very expansive or generous, on the whole they manage to keep tight control of their money. They can be trusted with other people’s money, too.
During their youth, Capricorn may impress others as being rather penny-pinching. They are cautious in the way they manage finances. Generally, they can account for every cent they spend.
With an eye always on the future, they think about that inevitable rainy day, and prepare themselves for it. However, once they have gained quite a bit and feel financially secure, their attitudes are likely to change. They become generous and charitable. They are very helpful to those in need, especially if a person’s background is similar to their own.