Capricorn Man Scorpio Woman

When the Scorpio woman chooses to be sweet, she’s apt to give the impression that butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. But, of course, it would. When her temper flies, so will everything else that isn’t bolted down. She can be as hot as a tamale or as cool as a cucumber when she wants. Whatever mood she’s in, you can be sure it’s for real. She doesn’t believe in poses or hypocrisy.
The Scorpio woman is often seductive and sultry. Her femme fatale charm can pierce the hardest heart like a laser beam. She doesn’t have to look like Mata Hari (many of them resemble the tomboy next door). But once you’ve looked into those tantalizing eyes, you’re a goner.
The Scorpio woman can be a whirlwind of passion. Life with her will not be all smiles and smooth sailing. If you think you can handle her tempestuous moods, then try your luck.
The stable and steady Capricorn man will most likely have a calming effect on her. You’re the kind of man she can trust and rely on. But never cross her—even in the smallest things. If you do, you’d better tell Fido to make room for you in the doghouse; you’ll be his guest for the next couple of days.
The Scorpio woman will keep family battles within the walls of your home. When company visits, she’ll give the impression that married life with you is one big joyride. It’s just her way of expressing her loyalty to you, at least in front of others. She believes that family matters are and should stay private. She’ll certainly see to it that others have a high opinion of you both. She’ll be right behind you in whatever it is you want to do.
Although she’s an individualist, after she has married, she’ll put her own interests aside for those of the man she loves. With a woman like this backing you up, you can’t help but go far. She’ll never try to take over your role as boss of the family. She’ll give you all the support you need in order to fulfill that role. She won’t complain if the going gets rough. She is a courageous woman. She’s as anxious as you to find that place in the sun for you both. She’s as determined a person as you are.
Although the Scorpio mother loves her children, she will not put them on a pedestal. She is devoted to developing her youngsters’ talents. The Scorpio mother is protective yet encouraging. Under her skillful guidance, the children will learn how to cope with extremes. She will teach her young ones to be courageous and steadfast.