Capricorn Man Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is hard to keep track of. First she’s here, then she’s there. She’s a woman with a severe case of itchy feet. She’s got to keep on the move.
People generally like her because of her hail-fellow-well-met manner and breezy charm. She is constantly good-natured and almost never cross. She is the kind of gal you’re likely to strike up a palsy-walsy relationship with. You might not be interested in letting it go any farther. She probably won’t sulk if you leave it on a friendly basis, either. Treat her like a kid sister and she’ll eat it up like candy.
She’ll probably be attracted to you because of your steady self-assured manner. She’ll need a friend like you to help her over the rough spots in her life. She’ll most likely turn to you for advice °n money and investments.
There is nothing malicious about the female Archer. She is full of bounce and good cheer. Her sunshiny disposition can be relied upon even on the rainiest of days. No matter what she says or does, you’ll always know that she means well.
Sagittarius are sometimes short on tact. Some of them say anything that comes into their heads no matter what the occasion. Sometimes the words that tumble out of their mouths seem cutting and cruel. They mean well, but often everything they say comes out wrong. She’s quite capable of losing her friends—and perhaps even yours—through a careless slip of the lip. Always remember that she is full of good intentions. Stick with her if you like her and try to help her mend her ways.
She’s not a woman you’d most likely be interested in marrying, but she’ll certainly be lots of fun to pal around with. Quite often, Sagittarius women are outdoor types. They’re crazy about hiking, fishing, camping, and mountain climbing. They love the wide open spaces. They are fond of all kinds of animals. Make no mistake about it—this busy little lady is no slouch. She’s full of get-up-and-go.
She’s great company most of the time. She’s more fun than a three-ring circus when she’s in the right company. You’ll like her for her candid and direct manner. On the whole, Sagittarius are very kind and sympathetic women.
If you do wind up marrying this girl-next-door type, you’d better see to it that you handle all of the financial matters. Sagittarius often let money run through their fingers like sand.
The Sagittarius mother is a wonderful friend to her children. She’ll shower them with love and give them all the freedom they think they need. She is not afraid if a youngster learns some street smarts. But she might preach too much for the kids. You must switch the focus to the practical in order to prepare the youngsters for wordly success.