Capricorn Man Cancer Woman

A Capricorn-Cancer union can be a match made in heaven, at least in the astrological scheme of things. You are, after all, zodiacal op-posites as well as zodiacal mates. If you fall in love with a Cancer woman, though, be prepared for anything. In one hour she can unravel a whole gamut of emotions; it will leave you in a tizzy. She’ll always keep you guessing, that’s for sure.
You may find her a little too uncertain and sensitive for your liking. You’ll most likely spend a good deal of time encouraging her— helping her to erase her foolish fears.
Don’t chide her about her personal interests, or her family. If you do, you’ll most likely reduce her to tears. She can’t stand being made fun of. It will take bushels of roses and tons of chocolates—not to mention the apologies—to get her to come back out of her shell.
In matters of money managing, she may not be as generous as you are. You may get the notion that your Cancer sweetheart or mate is a direct descendant of Scrooge. If she has her way, she’ll hang onto that first dollar you earned. She’s not only that way with money, but with everything right on up from bakery string to jelly jars. She’s a saver; she never throws anything away, no matter how trivial.
Once she loves you, she will be an affectionate, self-sacrificing, and devoted woman. Her love for you will never alter unless you want it to. She’ll put you up on a high pedestal and will do everything—even if it’s against your will—to keep you there.
Cancer women love home life. For them, marriage is an easy step to make. They’re domestic with a capital D. She’ll do her best to make your home comfortable and cozy. The Cancer woman is happiest in her own home. She makes an excellent hostess. The best in her comes out when she’s in her own environment, one in which she can be a nurturer and caregiver.
Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Cancer women make the best mothers. She’ll treat every complaint of her child as a major catastrophe. With her, children come first. If you’re lucky, you’ll run a close second. You may think she’s too devoted to the children. You may have a hard time convincing her to cut her apron strings. Still, the Cancer-Capricorn parent combination is one of the best in terms of devotion and discipline for the youngsters.