Capricorn Man Aquarius Woman

If you find that you’ve fallen head over heels for a woman born under the sign of the Water Bearer, you’d better fasten your safety belt. It may take you quite a while to actually discover what this woman is like. Even then you may have nothing to go on but a string of vague hunches.
Aquarius is like a rainbow, full of bright and shining hues. She’s like no other female you’ve ever known. There is something elusive about her, something difficult to put your finger on.
The Aquarius woman can be odd and eccentric at times. Some say this is the source of her mysterious charm. You may think she’s just a plain screwball, and you may be half right.
Aquarius women often have their heads full of dreams. By nature, they’re unconventional. They have their own ideas about how the world should be run. Sometimes their ideas may seem pretty weird. Chances are they’re just a little bit too progressive. They say that Aquarius is about fifty years ahead of the rest of the world in her thinking. She’ll most likely be the most tolerant and open-minded woman you’ve ever encountered.
If you find that she’s too much mystery and charm for you to handle, just talk it out with her and say that you think it would be better to call it quits. She’ll most likely want to remain friends. Aquarius women are like that. Perhaps you’ll both find it easier to get along in a friendship than in a romance.
It is not difficult for her to remain buddy-buddy with an ex-lover. For many Aquarius, the line between friendship and romance is a fuzzy one.
She is not a jealous person. And while you’re romancing her, she won’t expect you to be, either. You’ll find her a free spirit most of the time. Just when you think you know her inside out, you’ll discover that you don’t really know her at all.
She’s a very sympathetic and warm person. She is often helpful to those in need of assistance and advice.
She’ll seldom be suspicious even when she has every right to be. If the man she loves makes a little slip, she’s will forgive and forget up to a point. Don’t test her limits.
The Aquarius mother is generous and seldom refuses her children anything. You may feel the youngsters need a bit more discipline and practicality. But you will appreciate your Aquarius mate’s worldly views, which prepares the youngsters to get along in life. They will grow up to be tolerant young people who fit in and feel at ease in any situation.