Capricorn Love and Marriage

The Capricorn man or woman is not what one could accurately describe as being romantic. But they are emotional, and their feelings run deep. Their respect for intellect and convention may prevent them from expressing themselves in a demonstrative way, vigorously exhibiting their love and affection. Capricorn is a considerate lover, a well-mannered dating partner. Their approach to courtship and romance is conventional. They would never do anything that might injure the feelings or sensibilities of their mate or date. Doing the right thing at the right time is important.
Capricorns do not let their affections run rampant. Their mind reigns over their emotions. Flirting has little or no appeal. When in love, the Goat is serious. Even if a love relationship does not end in a permanent union, the Goat takes it seriously. Capricorn men and women will not run from one love affair to another—or enjoy several romances at the same time. Capricorn is constant.
Still, Capricorn will not give his or her heart away immediately. They like to begin a romance by being friends. If the love interest is encouraging and indicates reciprocal feelings, Capricorn will then allow the relationship to enter a more intimate phase. He or she does not want to be deceived or made a fool of. Ever protective, the Goat will take steps to guard against betrayal.
Driven by ambition, Capricorn in love is apt to direct his or her affections toward someone who can help them get ahead in their career. In love, they do not totally lose their heads. They know what they want. That does not mean Capricorn is insincere in love—just practical.
The person who falls under Capricorn’s charm—and there is plenty of it—may find it difficult to understand the dark and pessimistic moods that emerge from nowhere. The inhibition and hesitation and secretiveness seem to be without reason. Although Capricorns build a love affair slowly, they will end it quickly if they feel it is a waste of time. When disappointed, they are direct and to the point.
The cultivated, strong Capricorn tries to be open in love so that the relationship will be a lasting one. They admit their faults readily and do what they can to be more affectionate and demonstrative. An exciting, impulsive person is sometimes the ideal mate for a Capricorn man or woman.