Capricorn Home and Family

The average Capricorn enjoys the security of home life. Still, it generally does not appeal to them in the same way as it does others. They may not marry for love or companionship alone. They may think of marriage and domesticity as a practical means for realizing their material goals.
The person born under Capricorn sign sometimes marries for position or money. Not that they are all that coldhearted and calculating. But Capricorn finds it just as easy to fall in love with a socially prominent and wealthy person as it is to become romantically involved with a poor person.
The occupation or career of a Capricorn man or woman is apt to play the central role in their life. Family comes in second, playing a supporting role. Many Capricorns are not fond of large families, that is, one with many children.
Parenthood can be something of a burden for the average Capricorn. They take their responsibilities toward the family very seriously. Family ties are strong, but the Goat may seem a bit distant even to loved ones. Capricorn is capable of great affection, but is apt to be more demonstrative when managing or organizing household affairs. The goal is that everything connected with home life should run smoothly.
Capricorns sometimes feel lacking in some quality or characteristic. It is this feeling of inadequacy that drives them in romance. They want to find someone who has what they lack. A loving mate and a harmonious family give Capricorn the feeling of being needed, of being a complete person. Once settled, then he or she is interested in improving or expanding home life in various ways.
The Capricorn husband or wife will often do what he or she can to make the home harmonious and tasteful. They generally have a great interest in all that is beautiful and cultural. Some Capricorns are fond of music, and a piano in the home is a must. The home of a Capricorn person generally radiates good taste and beauty. It may be a bit on the luxurious side—if they can afford it—but never in an ostentatious way.
The home is usually peaceful and harmonious. Capricorn feels that everything in the household should run on some regular basis: a special time for meals, for sleeping, for entertaining. The home is a comfortable place, and it is usually easy for someone to feel at ease while visiting a Capricorn friend.
Capricorns are proud of their home and property. They are responsible members of the community and will do what is necessary to fulfill their duties as a neighbor. However, they like to keep their home life to themselves. They value their privacy.
Capricorn’s home is usually well kept and attractive. They like to be respected and highly thought of because of their possessions. Prestige in the community is important to them. A materialistic duel with the Joneses is not beneath the Goat. They will always try to do the neighbors one better if they can afford it.
Children bring joy into the Goat’s life. Still, Capricorn men and women may not be very fond of a large family. But they will give the necessary love and attention to the few children they do have. Capricorn parents are interested in the youngsters as distinct individuals and enjoy seeing them grow up. The hope, of course, is that the children will be a credit to the parents and will reflect the good upbringing Capricorn has given them.
At times, the Capricorn parent may seem a bit unsympathetic, especially if the youngsters misbehave. But as they mature, they will respect and love their Capricorn parent for the security he or she has given them while they were growing up.