Capricorn health

During childhood, Capricorns may not be too strong or sturdy. Often they are subject to a series of childhood diseases. As they grow older, however, they become stronger. An adult Capricorn often has a strong resistance to diseases. The Goat is a fighter. They never want to lose in anything, not even illness. Many people born under this sign live a long life. They are generally very active people and have a store of energy at their disposal.
The weak areas of a Capricorn person’s body are the knees and joints. When they have an accident, these areas are often involved. Some Capricorns have poor teeth; this may be the result of insufficient calcium in the system. Skin troubles often plague them. In later life they may become the victim of an arthritic disease.
Being a practical sort of person, Capricorn generally sees to it that they eat sensibly. A balanced diet is essential. They need plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to remain fit. Hard work and exercise help them to maintain their good constitution. As they mature, Capricorns become stronger and their strength is seldom undermined.
Moods, however, may have an unsettling effect on the health in general. Capricorn is given to dark, somber moods. Gloomy thoughts and depressed feelings can be hard to dispel. Melancholy can persist longer than is wise or desirable. Capricorn men and women can easily fall into the bad habit of worrying about small things. Such worries can drain them of energy and may make them prey to a variety of illnesses.
Plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise will help Capricorn keep a healthy disposition and a happy frame of mind. Companions and associates will also play a great role in Capricorn’s health. They get along best with people who are youthful, positive, and energetic.