Capricorn character analysis

People born under Capricorn, the tenth sign of the Zodiac, are generally strong-willed and goal-directed. They seldom do anything without a purpose. They tend to be quite ambitious. They hammer away at something until they have made their point. Capri-corns know what they want out of life. Through perseverance and patience, they generally achieve it. There is almost nothing they cannot attain once they make up their minds. They are interested in progress, in making things better. When Capricorns believe in something, they put themselves behind it totally. They do not believe in acting in a halfhearted fashion.
The Goat is the zodiacal symbol of Capricorn. The Goat climbs, always slowly and surely, keeping balance even under unstable circumstances and on difficult terrain. At times, in order to get ahead, Capricorn will make use of people. But these people are also likely to gain through such manipulation.
Capricorns, because of their steady nature, inspire confidence and trust. They do not sit idly by watching the action. And they openly admire qualities they lack. Overall, Capricorn is an excellent manager and very shrewd in their quiet way.
When Capricorns like or believe in someone, they will stick by that person for the rest of their life. They are loyal and constant. They seldom waver once they have committed themselves to an ideal or a person. They can always be depended on to speak up for something or someone they believe in. At times Capricorn is utterly charming, at other times aloof and proud.
Capricorn men and women are in possession of clear, uncluttered minds. They are not necessarily brilliant, but they are capable of concentrating on what interests them in an effective manner. They believe in doing things right, never halfway. Generally, Capricorns are exact and accurate. They pride themselves on doing their work correctly. They are conscientious and careful. They can always be counted on to hold up their end of a bargain. They tend to be stiff when it comes to making judgments. They are more interested in justice than forgiveness. In spite of this, one could never accuse them of not being fair-minded in most things. They make a point of it.
Capricorns could hardly be called softhearted. They can be quite harsh at times in the way they handle someone, especially if they think they’re right. People are likely to find Capricorn cold and callous. Honor and pride are important, and Capricorn is bound to have some intellectual pretensions.
Capricorns who are weak in character are apt to feel they are a cut above others and will do what they can to let this be felt. Often they suffer from a feeling of inadequacy. They may not know how to rid themselves of this complex that has an adverse effect on their disposition. They are often depressed and insecure. For these reasons, people may find Capricorn difficult to get along with. If Capricorn men and women are too conscious of the qualities they lack, they may ruin their chances of attaining the ends they desire.
Some Capricorns of this caliber find it difficult to settle down. They roam from one thing to another, never satisfied. Their cleverness may become mean and cutting. They may be destructive rather than constructive and positive. They may be afraid to forge ahead. The future frightens them and increases their feelings of insecurity. The frightened Goat may strike out at people he suspects are laughing at him behind his back.
The weak Capricorn man or woman is not an easy person to get along with. Others may be afraid to be truthful with them. This Capricorn is likely to be narrow-minded and conservative. They cling desperately to the past, afraid of moving on. They think more of themselves than of others and may abuse friends and acquaintances.
Some Capricorns may be lacking in a healthy sense of humor. A harmless joke may make them suspicious and aggressive if they think it was secretly directed at them. They cannot easily laugh at themselves when they pull a boner.
Some Capricorns are exceedingly careful with their money. As a rule, however, they tend to be on the generous side. They would never refuse someone in need. They will, at times, go out of their way to help someone in trouble. They do not expect or insist that the favor be returned; a word of thanks is good enough for them.
Capricorn men and women are very grateful when someone offers to lend them a helping hand. They never forget a favor. Although they may find it difficult to express thanks at times, they do appreciate any help that is given to them.