Cancer Woman Virgo Man

The Virgo man is often a quiet, respectable type who sets great store in conservative behavior and levelheadedness. He’ll admire you for your practicality and tenacity—perhaps even more than for your good looks. The Virgo man is seldom bowled over by glamour. When looking for someone to love, he always turns to a serious, reliable woman.
He’ll be far from a Valentino while dating. In fact, you may wind up making all the passes. Once he gets his motor running, however, he can be warm and wonderful to the right lover.
The Virgo man is gradual about love. Chances are your romance with him will start out looking like an ordinary friendship. Once he’s sure that you are no fly-by-night flirt and have no plans of taking him for a ride, he’ll open up and rain sunshine all over your heart.
The Virgo man takes his time about romance. It may be many years before he seriously considers settling down. Virgos are often middle-aged when they make their first marriage vows. They hold out as long as they can for the woman who perfectly measures up to their ideals.
He may not have many names in his little black book; in fact, he may not even have a little black book. He’s not interested in playing the field; leave that to the more flamboyant signs. The Virgo man is so particular that he may remain romantically inactive for a long period of time. The mate he chooses has to be perfect or it’s no go.
With your surefire perseverance, you’ll be able to make him listen to reason, as far as romance is concerned. Before long, you’ll find him returning your love. He’s no block of ice and will respond to what he considers to be the right feminine flame.
Once your love life with Virgo starts to bubble, don’t give it a chance to die down. The Virgo man will never give a woman a second chance at winning his heart. If there should ever be a bad break between you, forget about picking up the pieces. With him, it’s one strike and you’re out.
Once married, he’ll stay that way—even if it hurts. He’s too conscientious to back out of a legal deal of any sort. He’ll always be faithful and considerate. He’s as neat as a pin and will expect you to be the same.
If you marry a Virgo man, keep your kids spic-and-span, at least by the time he gets home from work. He likes children to be clean and polite.