Cancer Woman Scorpio Man

Some people have a hard time understanding the man born under the sign of Scorpio. Few, however, are able to resist his fiery charm. When angered, he can act like an overturned wasps’ nest; his sting can leave an almost permanent mark. If you find yourself interested in a Scorpion, you’d better learn how to keep on his good side.
The Scorpio man can be quite blunt when he chooses; at times, he’ll seem like a brute to you. He’s touchy—more so than you—and it can get on your nerves after a while. When you feel like you can’t take it anymore, you’d better tiptoe away from the scene rather than chance an explosive confrontation. He’s capable of giving you a sounding-out that will make you pack your bags and go back to Mother for good.
If he finds fault with you, he’ll let you know. He might misinterpret your patience and think it a sign of indifference. Still and all, you are the kind of woman who can adapt to almost any sort of relationship or circumstance if you put your heart and mind to it.
Scorpio men are perceptive and intelligent. In some respects, they know how to use their brains more effectively than most. They believe in winning in whatever they do; second place holds no interest for them. In business, they usually achieve the position they want through drive and use of intellect.
Your interest in home life is not likely to be shared by him. No matter how comfortable you’ve managed to make the house, it will have little influence on making him aware of his family responsibilities. He does not like to be tied down, generally, and would rather be out on the battlefield of life, belting away for what he feels is a just and worthy cause. Don’t try to keep the home fires burning too brightly while you wait for him to come home from work; you may run out of firewood.
The Scorpio man is passionate in all things—including love. Most women are easily attracted to him, and the Cancer woman is no exception, at least before she knows what she might be getting into. If you are swept off your feet by a Scorpio man, soon you find you are dealing with a carton of romantic fireworks. The Scorpio man is passionate with a capital P, make no mistake about that.
Scorpio men are straight to the point. They can be as sharp as a razor blade and just as cutting. Always manage to stay out of his line of fire; if you don’t, it could cost you your love life.
Scorpio men like large families. They love children but they do not always live up to the role of the responsible, nurturing father.