Cancer Woman Libra Man

Cancers are apt to find Libra men too wrapped up in their own private dreams to be romantically interesting. He’s a difficult man to bring back down to earth, at times. Although he may be very careful about weighing both sides of an argument, he may never really come to a reasonable decision about anything. Decisions, large and small, are capable of giving Libra the willies. Don’t ask him why. He probably doesn’t know.
If you are looking for permanence and constancy in a love relationship, you may find him a puzzlement. One moment he comes on hard and strong with declarations of his love; the next moment you find he’s left you like yesterday’s mashed potatoes. It does no good to wonder what went wrong. Chances are nothing, really. It’s just one of Libra’s strange ways.
On the other hand, you’ll probably admire his way with harmony and beauty. If you’re all decked out in your fanciest gown, you’ll receive a ready compliment and one that’s really deserved. Libras don’t pass out compliments to all and sundry. If something strikes him as distasteful, he’ll remain silent. He’s tactful.
He may not seem as ambitious as you would like your lover or husband to be. Where you have a great interest in getting ahead, Libra is often content just to drift along. It is not that he is lazy or shiftless. Material gain generally means little to him. He is more interested in aesthetic matters. If he is in love with you, however, he’ll do everything in his power to make you happy.
You may have to give him a good nudge now and again to get him to recognize the light of reality. On the whole, he’ll enjoy the company of his artistic dreams when you’re not around. If you love your Libra, don’t be too harsh or impatient with him. Try to understand him.
Libras are peace-loving people. They hate any kind of confrontation that might lead to an argument. Some of them will do almost anything to keep the peace—even tell a little lie.
If you find yourself involved with a man born under this sign, either temporarily or permanently, you’d better take over the task of managing his money. It’s for his own good. Money will never interest a Libra as much as it should. He often has a tendency to be generous when he shouldn’t be.
Don’t let him see the materialistic side of your nature too often. It might frighten him off.
Libra makes a gentle and understanding father. He’s careful not to spoil children or to demand too much from them. He believes that discipline should be a matter of gentle guidance.