Cancer Woman Cancer Man

You’ll find the man born under the same sign as you easy to get along with. You’re both sensitive and sensible people. You’ll see eye-to-eye on most things. He’ll share your interest in security and practicality.
Cancer men are always hard workers. They are very interested in making successes of themselves in business and socially. Like you, he’s a conservative person who has a great deal of respect for tradition. He’s a man you can depend on come rain or come shine. He’ll never shirk his responsibilities as provider and will always see to it that you never want.
The Cancer man is not the type that rushes headlong into romance. Neither are you, for that matter. Courtship between the two of you will be a sensible and thorough affair. It may take months before you even get to that holding-hands stage of romance. One thing you can be sure of: he’ll always treat you like a lady. He’ll have great respect and consideration for your feelings. Only when he is sure that you approve of him as someone to love, will he reveal the warmer side of his nature. His coolness, like yours, is just a front. Beneath it lies a very affectionate heart.
Although he may seem restless or moody at times, on the whole the Cancer man is very considerate and kind. His standards are extremely high. He is looking for a partner who can measure up to his ideals—a partner like you.
Marriage means a lot to the Cancer male. He’s very interested in settling down with someone who has the same attitudes and outlooks as he has. He’s a man who loves being at home. He’ll be a faithful husband. Cancers never pussyfoot around after they have made their marriage vows. They do not take their marriage responsibilities lightly. They see to it that everything in this relationship is just the way it should be. Between the two of you, your home will be well managed, bills will be paid on time, there will be adequate insurance on everything of value, and there will be money in the bank. When retirement time rolls around, you both should be very-well off.
The Cancer man has a great respect for family. You’ll most likely be seeing a lot of his mother during your marriage, just as he’ll probably be seeing a lot of yours. He’ll do his best to get along with your relatives; he’ll treat them with the kindness and concern you think they deserve. He’ll expect you to be just as considerate with his relatives.
Cancer is a very good father. He’s very patient and understanding, especially when the children are young and dependent and need his protection.