Cancer Social Relationships

Cancer may seem rather retiring and quiet, and this gives people the impression that he is not too warm or sympathetic. However, most Moon Children are very sensitive and loving. Their ability to understand and sympathize with others is great. Cancer likes to have close friends—people who love and understand him as well as he tries to love and understand them. He wants to be well-liked—to be noticed by people who he feels should like him. If he does not get the attention and affection he feels he is entitled to, he is apt to become sullen and difficult to deal with.
The Cancer man or woman has strong powers of intuition and can generally sense when he has met a person who is likely to turn into a good friend. Cancer suffers greatly if ever he should lose a friend. To him friendships are sacred. Sometimes Cancer sets friends on too high a pedestal. He or she is apt to feel crestfallen when he discovers that they have feet of clay. He is often romantic in his approach to friendship and is likely to seek people out for sentimental reasons rather than for practical ones.
Cancer is a very sensitive person and sometimes this contributes to making a friendship unsatisfactory. He sometimes makes the wrong interpretation of a remark that is made by a friend or acquaintance. He imagines something injurious behind a very innocent remark. He sometimes feels that people who profess to be his friends laugh at him cruelly behind his back. He has to be constantly reassured of a friend’s sincerity, especially in the beginning of a relationship. If he wants to have the wide circle of friends he desires, Gancer must learn to curb these persecution fantasies.